Work done in Adobe Photoshop and Substance Designer

A texture made for practice in creating realistic textures.

Close up of cobblestones

Rock face substance rendered in Unreal

Procedural wooden floor made in Substance Designer

A substance based on the tiles of a cocktail bar in Oxford.

The following textures were created for a personal project, trying to adopt the art style of Overwatch

Two substances combined together using an alpha mask, to simulate vertex painting. The texture was made to fit the style of Overwatch

Again aiming to fit the style of Overwatch, this sand texture will be used as ground material, and also to break up tiled stone floors

A stone designed to fit into (what I perceive as) Overwatch’s art direction. Because of the game’s lack of hard edges, this model has had its edges beveled to smooth it. The mesh is triangulated and has 266 faces.

The stone was UV’d to be easy to paint in Photoshop. This is the first time I have wholly hand painted a model.